Orania, a question of race or culture?

Located along the Orange River of the Northern Cape province of South Africa is a little town called Orania. This small rural community of 1,000 residents was established in 1991 and has it’s own schools, museum, and even currency called the Ora however what makes this town even more unique is its residents. The entire population in Orania is Afrikaner which means 100% of its residents are white.

The town was build on 8,000 hectares of farm land purchased at the end of 1990 by around 40 Afrikaner families for about $200,000. Residents of Orania explain that the town is committed to preserving the Afrikaner culture including their language, Afrikaans, and values of self sufficiency and “working for freedom”. In a country still showing scars from the aprtheid era it’s easy to see how this town could hit a nerve. Below are some articles that shed some light on both points of view.

Welcome to Orania…

We’re not racists, say Orania residents – Northern Cape | IOL News | IOL.co.za.

Racism Alive And Well in South Africa

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